Have A Stylish, Cool And Comfortable End To Summer

With summer well underway, your body has finally had a chance to rejuvenate from winter’s cold and somewhat uninspiring weather. Now, with the sun shining, is the time to let your creative side flourish! Men should break the constraints of formal attire, and concentrate on mixing style with comfort – don’t be afraid to get colourful. For women, it’s officially time to lose the layers! Breathe easy knowing that flowing gowns and breezy sundresses are finally replacing the days of waistline straps.

Still, with summer heat playing a large role in your choice of style, it’s often a difficult task to find the right balance between a comfortable and professional; and breezy, yet supportive outfit. Below are some creative thoughts on how to stay stylish, cool and comfortable during the last month of summer!


Summer should be a time to ditch the suit and experiment with printed blazers, blocked stripes and loose fitting chinos. If your day-to-day routine allows you to test the limits of business casual, just remember that comfortable can also be professional and trendy.

 Embrace The Flexibility of Denim!

Blue is a powerful, yet diverse colour to work with. It exudes confidence and maintains the flexibility to accessorize with different accents. Jeans can capture the essence of business casual through their various styles and types of accompaniments. Here are some of our favourites, ranging from full denim outfits to double-knit blazers.

Denim Jeans  Denim Shirt  White Denim  Denim Outfit Blazer  Blazer


Summer is time to connect with warmth, colour and flow. My advice, just like for the men, is that comfortable can also be sexy. Lose the tight-fitting jeggings and look for the colourful dresses that have been sitting in your closet for months. Choose colours to reflect your mood (blue is confident, yellow is happy, red is sexy) and allow your freshly manicured nails to accent your style. Summer dresses are the male jeans – diverse, confident, comfortable and professional when they need to be. Here are some of our favourites:

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Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

This is the time to embrace vibrant colours that portray your creative side. Why be constrained by the frigid boundaries of an office environment? Giving off subtle hints of colour through bracelets, watches or socks will give you the type of balance and edge you’re looking for.

SocksSkull CufflinksNecklaceSocksWatch and BraceletsAccessories

Get Creative!

Be bold, have fun and experiment! Remember, style is what you make it. Own your style, be comfortable, feel sexy and let your inner self shine through. After all, what’s the point if you can’t be creative and have fun with your style? For inspiration on the go, the spread app is a great way to connect with styles and brands that you absolutely love, want and have. Otherwise, feel free to check us out online at http://www.loveitspreadit.com.


Designer Elie Saab steals the show in Paris last week

Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show brings together some of the world’s most prestigious designers for a week-long display of style and beauty. The dazzling masterpieces range from gossamer evening gowns to coquettish dresses. Chanel, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior are amongst the powerhouse designers that frontline the event every year.

In an attempt to capture the “incandescent beauty” that surrounds the Paris skyline, designer Elie Saab focused his collection on

“The intensity, clarity and warmth of the Parisian early evening sky”

through the romance of crimson, midnight indigo, blue glacier and antiqued rosé.

Disney’s Frozen

If the Parisian accented theme wasn’t enchanting enough, Saab introduced a line of Disney themed cocktail dresses and elaborate gowns that emulated the movie, Frozen, with Princess Elsa as his star. The dresses were accented with lace, corsets, and glimmering tapestry that imitated the extravagant chandeliers hanging above. Here are some highlights from his collection. Which are your favourites?

Elie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 CollectionElie Saab 2014 Collection

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Paris Fashion Week Is Officially Wrapped!

With the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week coming to an end on July 11th, we are left with a combination of modern and historical precursors. Atelier Versace fashioned a line of long dresses with revealing slits, while designer Elie Saab journeyed under the sea by creating dresses with A-line shapes that glimmered in all shades of blue. It’s easy to gawk at the exceptional design work and flawless material that these fashion models wear, but it leaves you with a stark reminder of the exclusivity behind each of these brands. Chanel President, Bruno Pavlovsky admits:

“Haute Couture is sold to the happy few – about 1,000 customers in the world”

It is perhaps this exclusivity that allows elite designers to shine. While at the same time, Paris Fashion Week offers non-designers a chance to showcase their own beauty, style work and creativity. Here are some of our favourite outfits spotted throughout the week:

Street Style Elie Saab Black Lace Elie Saab Elegance  Jean Paul Gaultier Leather

Chanel Dress Street Style Accessories  Chanel Handbag Atelier Versace Jared Leto All-Black Ensemble

Miranda Kerr

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