How To Up Your Brow Game 101


What you’ll need:

  • Spooly brush or disposable mascara wand
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Angled/slant tweezers
  • Pointed tweezers
  • Brow shadow (taupe for blondes, brown range for everyone else)
  • Stiff brow shadow brush
  • Pencil (to line up the angles)

Product Recommendations: (Click below)


Step 1: With a disposable mascara wand or spooly brush, brush the hairs upward to prepare for Step 2.


Step 2: With a pair of scissors, trim any hairs that are longer than your brow shape.


Step 3: With angled tweezers, pluck areas above and below the brows, grabbing a couple at a time.


Step 4: With pointed tweezers, grab stubborn single hairs and shorter ones.


Step 5: To determine where your brow should start, hold a pencil or make-up brush along one side of your nose. Where it crosses the inner corner of your brow, that’s where it should begin.


Step 6: Now angle the pencil across the iris; that’s where the arch should begin.


Step 7: Angle it to the end of the outer corner of the eye; that’s where the brow should end.


Step 8: With those angles and lengths in mind, fill in the brows using light, feathery strokes as if you were drawing individual hairs.

You’re all done! Did it work? Let us know if you run into any troubles. Have an easier way to do things? We’ve love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below…

Images: The Beauty Department

A Day Of Beauty With Kaitlyn: BCBG


A brand that is definitely a go-to for me for many reasons is BCBG, as they always have great style, great fit, and look elegant and classy. They are definitely one of my favourite lines, especially in terms of dresses.

Here is a beautiful blush gown I wore to a friend’s wedding last week in Toronto. The fit and design made me feel like a princess all night long and the lace on both sides is just my favourite thing about this dress. SO beautiful I can’t wait to wear it again!


Shop the look on Spread:

Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Dress: BCBG / Also fabulous: Stella McCartney

Model Monday: Fall Staples


Fall can be confusing. We’ve been getting highs of 25 and lows of 7 (celsius), which can make choosing and outfit for the day rather tricky. Layering is key to being comfortable when the weather is like this, so finding a few staples to build around is your best bet!

This coat from Boohoo really hit home because it’s basically a between-season outwear! You can layer it with a sweater, tee, or tank and add on a scarf, hat, or toque whenever it gets chilly.

What do you guys think? Check out the coat, jeans and/or stiletto’s by clicking on the links below!

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Model: Nuala Gorham / Coat: Boohoo / Jeans: River Island / Stiletto’s: Missguided


Why Dressing For Fall Is Exciting


Yes, the weather’s changing. Yes, it’s getting colder. Let’s all band together for our moment of silence and remember our glorious summer. 🙌

Alright, now that we’re refreshed and rejuvenated, let’s focus on doing the same to our wardrobes! Fall is exciting. Beautiful colours are everywhere, which means we can play with tones and create our own interpretations of Autumn. Cognac, dark red and pale greens can be found layered in our surroundings, which means we should be layering these gorgeous colours in our outfits!

This particular outfit focuses on red and cognac by juxtaposing them against simple white/grey backgrounds. A little colour can go a long way, which is why I love this look.

What do you guys think? Like anything Laura’s wearing? Feel free to shop the look by clicking on any of the links below. 🍂

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Model: Laura N. / Cape: Edited / Blouse: Topshop / Jeans: Levi’s / Boots: Mai Piu Senza


Rustic Maka: Martha Stewart American Made Contest


At Spread we’re all about building transparent connections with authentic and ethical brands. This is why we’re so excited to share what our friends at Rustic Maka are doing and what they’re being recognized for!

This Michigan based company takes a non-toxic approach to personal care solutions. All of their products are made from the simplest all-natural ingredients, which is in line with their company philosophy: less is more.

Rustic Maka is being recognized as a Style Finalist in the Martha Stuart American Made competition! You can vote for them up to 6 times a day, so feel free to check them out and see what they’re all about!

Vote here:

A short video of their story:

How To Master A Braid Crown In 5 Easy Steps


What you need to master a braid crown:

  • Hair serum, we recommend using TRESemmé Get sleek
  • A hair straightener
  • Hair ties to match your hair colour
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray, we recommend using Big Sexy Hair

Step 1:

Part hair into half, and apply a serum for extra smooth, and frizz-free hair.


Step 2:

Secure each part with a hair tie (make sure the hair ties match your hair colour).


Step 3:

Braid your hair on each side & secure at the bottom with a small hair tie.


Step 4:

Take one braid and wrap it around the middle of your head to the other side, and secure with bobby pins.


Step 5:

Repeat with the other braid.


You’re all done!


Easy peasy am I right? 5 easy steps and you can look as fab as the always fabulous Victoria Rafaeli! Like what you guys see? Let us know by leaving a comment below! And always, you can shop the products used in this tutorial directly through Spread, just click on any of the links below. <3

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Model: Victoria Rafaeli / Hair Serum: TRESemmé Get sleek / Hair Spray: Big Sexy Hair

Rustic Maka: Made In Nature


As I’ve gotten older, what goes into my body or on it has become more and more important to me. There was a time when the word “organic” was so foreign to me, it had no impact on my purchase decisions at all. Now, those are exactly the type of words I look for when buying products, especially for myself.

An odd product to discuss is deodorant but it’s something we use everyday. After my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years ago, finding a natural, organic deodorant was a priority. Something that was not as easy as I had thought. That was until I came across Rustic Maka. Their patchy deodorants are amazing. They smell so great, last all day and are easy to throw in your bag if you need to use it later. My favourite scents are the “Sweet Lemonade” and “Calming Fields”. But they have so many others you definitely should check them out!!


Shop the Look on Spread:

Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Deodorant: Rustic Maka