Twisted Tuesday: Outrageous Flip-Up Sunglasses

Sunglasses: Spitfire

You can count on big ticket events to bring about new trends and push boundaries for what you can expect in ready to wear fashion. London Fashion Week (September 12-16) showcased new and exciting trends for SS15. However, something we always like to watch during these congregations of fashion elites are the unique wardrobes that pop-up from everyday fashion bloggers and fashionistas. Anisa Sojka hit the streets of London wearing these outrageous flip-up sunglasses from Spitfire. What do you think of her sunglasses? Do you commend her for making a bold choice, or do those sunglasses look like they belong in a Nicolas Cage sci-fi movie?

London Fashion Week 2014: Flower Power and Unusual Street Style

Matthew Williamson SS15 Collection

The unveiling of Williamson’s SS15 collection showcased Balinese flower-inspired prints on blouses and flowing halter-neck dresses. If we can take away one thing from his runway collection, it’s that 1970’s flower power is back in a big way. 

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Oscar de la Renta SS15 Collection

With a spin on mid century couture, Oscar de la Renta focused his collection on playful mid-riff bearing tops and miniskirts of thick cotton lace. Of course, there were flowers everywhere.

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Nasir Mazhar SS15 Collection

These gender neutral street-style inspired clothes blend the line between street and runway, as well as pants and skirts! Perhaps one of the most bizarre collections we saw throughout the week, Nasir Mazhar gave us a look that can rightfully be described as a fashion tornado.