Twisted Tuesday: Overalls


There’s something very fitting showcasing these modernized overalls for Twisted Tuesday. Playing on the pleated/wide-leg trend, Forever 21 takes it a step forward by adding a bib and turning these pants into an entire outfit. Designed for their intended purpose, these babies can be worn over anything.

What do you guys think about this wild trend? If you like anything you see, feel free to shop the look by clicking on any of the links below! :)

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Model: Cara Santana / Overalls: Forever 21 / Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti / Sunglasses: Celine


Twisted Tuesday: Pineapples


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been seeing pineapples everywhere. Not only are they in season in grocery stores, but they’re definitely on trend for S/S15 Fashion. T-shirts, bags, phone cases and sandals – this majestic pointy fruit is taking over the fashion world by storm!

How do you guys feel about this crazy trend? 🍍

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Model: Allyssa Griffiths / Shirt: J. Crew / Bag: Prima Donna / Sandals: J. Crew


Twisted Tuesday: Strapless Jumper


Fan of jumpsuits and rompers? It’s hard not to be. One piece and done – just like a dress, fuzed with the functionality of pants. It’s really the best of both worlds.

The best part about these funky gems is their versatility. Put on a sun hat and stroll to the beach, or throw on some heels and get ready for a date night!

What do you guys think about the design?

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Model: Brenna Mari / Jumpsuit: 25 South


Twisted Tuesday: Flared Jeans


70’s style is making a big comeback for S/S 15 fashion and it’s very exciting! Bright colours, bold patterns and ripped/flared cuts are always fun to rock day-to-day. There’s also something very liberating about embracing the 70’s culture once again.

So whether you’re heading to a music festival, a concert, or just a fun night on the town, don’t be afraid to get a little disco!

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Model: Leni Wagers / Crop Top: Forever 21 / Flared Jeans: Hudson Jeans / Fedora: Forever 21


Twisted Tuesday: Wide Leg Trend


The wide leg trend is something that’s really taken off with the rise in popularity of music festivals. What was once a 60’s and 70’s hippy trend has come back as a bohemian chic look. Casual, exotic, flowy and fun, wide leg pants might be a the missing piece to your ultimate S/S 15 wardrobe.

What do you guys think?

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Model: Style’d Avenue / Pants: Filtre / Leather Jacket: Blank NYC


Twisted Tuesday: A Wild Mix Of Patterns And Textures

Such a wild and exotic outfit, I just had to share! A mix of modern and vintage, with some absolutely crazy patterns and textures!

The jacket is from H&M (on sale right now) and the pants are Free People. Pair it with a plain Oasap bag and some stylish Ray-Ban’s and you have an outfit that’s outlandish, but completely on trend.

So never be afraid to embrace your “twisted” side and use your wardrobe as your own creative canvas!

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Blake Von D / Jacket: H&M / Pants: Free People / Bag: Oasap / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Twisted Tuesday: A Custom Plaid Jumpsuit

This is such a creative outfit. The Camp Collection jumpsuit is custom plaid and has an “overalls” effect, which gives this outfit a vintage vibe. Mix in a beautiful lace shirt from Free People and a contrasting bag by Miche, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mix of modern/vintage with a chic appeal.

Don’t forget the awesome Crap Eyewear sunglasses, which complete an almost Audrey Hepburn look – taking the glam rating to a new level.

To view any of the products from this outfit, feel free to check out Spread by clicking on any of the links below! Have yourself a Twisted Tuesday!

Model: Sara Rash / Jumpsuit: Camp Collection / Lace Shirt: Free People / Bag: Miche / Sunglasses: Crap Eyewear