Sexy Saturday: Weekend Workouts


With the weather getting warmer, the excuses are becoming far and in between to sit around at home on the weekends! Go explore a local park, trail or boardwalk, and challenge yourself! After all, that Saturday night glass of wine or pint will taste so much better after squeezing in a little exercise.

Have a happy and healthy weekend everyone!

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Model: Em Sheldon / Sports Bra: Adidas / Shorts: Adidas


Throwback Thursday: I’ll Be There For You…


Nothing makes me more nostalgic for the 90s than watching Friends re-runs! Whether it was Ross and Rachel’s love/hate relationship, Joey and Chandlers unparalleled bromance, or Phoebe’s…well…uniqueness, Friends will always remain a TV staple that is near and dear to most of our hearts!

This Friends sweater from Hanes is absolutely perfect. No matter where Esmeralda goes, she can always take a piece of the 90’s with her. Also, loving the pants/eyeshadow combination!

What do you guys think? Do we have any Friends fans?

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Model: Esmeralda Attema / Sweater: Hanes / Pants: Y.A.S / Sneakers: Adidas


Work It Wednesday: Originals by Rita Ora


On August 21, Rita Ora’s long awaited collaboration with Adidas launched with an unstoppable force. The collection, entitled, originals, highlighted yellow accents and dark detailing, which is meant to make any woman look and feel unstoppable. Check out the beanie and sports bra directly on spread!

The launch of her new line was accompanied by a short video entitled, #unstoppable: