5 Scarves You Need To Own This Fall

1. Southwestern-inspired print scarf by BP

Scarf: BP

BP Scarf

2. 100% Acrylic checked shawl by Zara

Scarf: Zara

Zara Scarf

3. Polyester non-stretchable plaid scarf by Moda Wardrobe

Scarf: Moda Wardrobe

Moda Wardrobe Scarf

4. Soft fringe plaid scarf by BP

Scarf: BP

BP Scarf

5. Okay, this last one isn’t exactly a scarf, but common! A beautiful checked cape by Boohoo that can be thrown over anything. An absolute staple this fall.

Cape: Boohoo

Boohoo Cape

What did you guys think of our fall staples? Are we missing any fabulous scarves? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And you can shop any of these scarves on Spread by clicking on the images! :)

Cozy Street Style


The weather’s been changing quite quickly, which means I’ve needed to progressively add layers each and every time I go out. On relatively warmer days, you can get away with rocking this outfit without tights, but warm socks and knee-high boots are a must. Layering is one of my favourite things to do with outfits because its easy to experiment with different colours and tones. Choosing different variations of grey can make a profound statement, just as much as wearing an extreme pop of colour.

So have some fun! And if you want to learn more about any of these beautiful fall products, just click on the links below! 😘

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Gina Ybarra / H&M: Sweater, Socks, Scarf / Berlin & Son: Watch

image3 (1)


Fall Inspiration: Amazing Street Style

Street Style Outfit

Click on the image above to learn more about her gorgeous cardigan!

October is a very visual month. The weather is changing, which means the autumn leaves are falling and you get a plethora of green, yellow, red and orange! 🍂 It’s an exciting season for fashion because it’s warm enough to wear loafers, ripped jeans and even the odd tank on a sunny day. However, it’s still cool enough to layer up in a comfy cardi, knee high boots and a fabulous hat.

This particular outfit is perfect for a fall day. A giant cozy cardigan, denim jeans and knee high boots that match an extremely chic Valentino tote. To top it off? A floppy hat that adds just enough juxtaposition from her cardi to focus on her perfect hair. Bonus points if the rope on your hat matches your lipstick! 😘

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: The Sweetest Thing / Cardigan: Dreamers by Debut / Bag: Valentino / Hat: BP / Boots (similar): Jessica Simpson

Street Style Outfit

Interested in her Valentino bag? Click on the image above to learn more!

Model Monday: Fall Staples


Fall can be confusing. We’ve been getting highs of 25 and lows of 7 (celsius), which can make choosing and outfit for the day rather tricky. Layering is key to being comfortable when the weather is like this, so finding a few staples to build around is your best bet!

This coat from Boohoo really hit home because it’s basically a between-season outwear! You can layer it with a sweater, tee, or tank and add on a scarf, hat, or toque whenever it gets chilly.

What do you guys think? Check out the coat, jeans and/or stiletto’s by clicking on the links below!

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Nuala Gorham / Coat: Boohoo / Jeans: River Island / Stiletto’s: Missguided


Why Dressing For Fall Is Exciting


Yes, the weather’s changing. Yes, it’s getting colder. Let’s all band together for our moment of silence and remember our glorious summer. 🙌

Alright, now that we’re refreshed and rejuvenated, let’s focus on doing the same to our wardrobes! Fall is exciting. Beautiful colours are everywhere, which means we can play with tones and create our own interpretations of Autumn. Cognac, dark red and pale greens can be found layered in our surroundings, which means we should be layering these gorgeous colours in our outfits!

This particular outfit focuses on red and cognac by juxtaposing them against simple white/grey backgrounds. A little colour can go a long way, which is why I love this look.

What do you guys think? Like anything Laura’s wearing? Feel free to shop the look by clicking on any of the links below. 🍂

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Laura N. / Cape: Edited / Blouse: Topshop / Jeans: Levi’s / Boots: Mai Piu Senza


Work It Wednesday: 3 Important Ways To Rock A Vest This Fall

1. Go for something fuzzy and warm

This reversible vest from Anthropologie can be warn two very important ways: fuzzy and fuzzier! We absolutely love the combination of fur and plaid, and this fashionista rocks it to absolute perfection.

2. Experiment with patterns

J. Crew is always on trend with the latest fall fashion goodies. The offsetting stripes from the vest and shirt offer a perfect mixture of colour and texture. And yes, we’re absolutely obsessed with that Loren Hope cuff. You can view it on spread by clicking –> here!

3. Mix solid colours with plaid

Plaid is a fall necessity. The warm cotton, and checkered design emulate the changing colours of autumn and fall! The smooth quilted shell and soft Micro Performance fleece lining from this Old Navy vest will keep you protected from those icy winds.