How To Master A Braid Crown In 5 Easy Steps


What you need to master a braid crown:

  • Hair serum, we recommend using TRESemmé Get sleek
  • A hair straightener
  • Hair ties to match your hair colour
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray, we recommend using Big Sexy Hair

Step 1:

Part hair into half, and apply a serum for extra smooth, and frizz-free hair.


Step 2:

Secure each part with a hair tie (make sure the hair ties match your hair colour).


Step 3:

Braid your hair on each side & secure at the bottom with a small hair tie.


Step 4:

Take one braid and wrap it around the middle of your head to the other side, and secure with bobby pins.


Step 5:

Repeat with the other braid.


You’re all done!


Easy peasy am I right? 5 easy steps and you can look as fab as the always fabulous Victoria Rafaeli! Like what you guys see? Let us know by leaving a comment below! And always, you can shop the products used in this tutorial directly through Spread, just click on any of the links below. <3

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Model: Victoria Rafaeli / Hair Serum: TRESemmé Get sleek / Hair Spray: Big Sexy Hair

Linda’s Ramblings


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Work Your Wardrobe With Karen


Hi everyone! I’m Karen Brunger, the newest addition to Spread! I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining this passionate community, and can’t wait to share some of my knowledge and expertise with all of you.

To share a little bit about myself, I’m the Founder and President of the International Image Institute and Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). I’m also responsible for the Image Consulting Program at George Brown College in Toronto.

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A Day Of Beauty With Kaitlyn: Makeup Remover


So, an eyelash tip I always swear by when I am shooting is to curl my lashes and apply waterproof mascara. The reason behind this is that the waterproof formula dries faster and will hold my curl all day and night. I have straight lashes so this is what I do. However, waterproof mascara is a product for the summer – pools, cottages, etc.! It’s amazing but terrible to remove. I found the answer.

The Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover by Lancome is incredible. I apply some to a cotton pad and gently remove any eye makeup, including that waterproof mascara that is so hard to get off. It removes it so easily that I don’t have to tear at my eyes and lashes, as I find other removers sometimes do.

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Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Makeup Remover: Lancome


A Day Of Beauty With Kaitlyn: Red Eye Shadow

image (24)

What do you guys think of Red or Rose coloured eye shadow? Lately, there have been a lot of makeup trends using reddish tones on the eyes. During summer, the rose gold colour seemed to be everywhere I looked. My Heartland makeup artist used it on me for a recent episode that just aired and once I saw it on, I kind of fell in love with the look.

Now that its winter, I have transitioned the rose gold we used in the summer to a darker tone and usually smoke it out with some darker shades around the crease. What do you guys think of the look? It’s definitely different but I think it’s pretty!! ☺

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Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Eyeshadow: MAC Red Alert

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Kaitlyn Leeb as Cassandra on CBC’s Heartland.