Throwback Thursday: Menswear For Women


An amazing concept that is sometimes overlooked by chic, elegant and feminine fashion trends is the ability to transform and repurpose menswear.

The choices women have don’t need to be limited to tight-fitting fabric and flattering cuts. Instead, repurposing mens clothing, or even mens design can have the same, or even a more powerful effect.

A unisex jacket and boots mixed with some modern denim is perfect for giving off that tomboy look.

What do you think ladies? Ready to lace-up those boots and give the boys a run for their money?

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Thania Peck / Hat: rag & bone / Jacket: Acne Studios / Jeans: Acne Studios / Boots: Dr. Martens


Model Monday: Topshop


Wandering through giant department stores like Topshop or H&M can be overwhelming at times. There are so many choices it’s hard to even know where to begin.

This entire outfit was picked up off the rack and is a perfect example of building off neutral shades to build something chic and bold. Some shaded black jeans and a matching tank is a perfect building block. Inexpensive, comfortable and versatile, you can pair them with anything.

A suede jacket and some frilled boots? Perfect.

What do you guys think? What do you look for when you’re bombing around big department stores?

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Em Sheldon / Outfit: Jacket, Shirt, Jeans and Boots from Topshop


Sexy Saturday: A Breezy Boho Dress

The sun’s out today and although it’s still in the negatives, we can dare to dream right?

I love the look of this Paper Crown dress. A splatter print and breezy cut give this dress a youthful elegance along with a wicked boho vibe.

Pair it with some knee high boots to keep you warm and accessorize with an awesome tote – voila! Have yourself a Sexy Saturday!

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Kendi Everyday / Dress: Paper Crown / Boots: Dolce Vita / Tote: Rebecca Minkoff

Sexy Saturday: Don’t Wait For Spring

It’s funny how fashion is always a season ahead, forcing you to plan your outfits way ahead of time. It’s -20 degrees celsius and we’re supposed to be thinking about sundresses…. It can be a little frustrating.

Well, I’m not the type of person to buy something and let it sit in my closet for 3-4 months before I can wear it, so I’m telling you now, “Don’t wait for spring!”

If you see an awesome skirt like this one from Cameo, choose items that accentuate the colour and style and most importantly, pick items to help you stay comfortable and warm!

Model: Courtney Kerr / Blazer: Mango / Aviators: Ray-Ban

This model chose a gorgeous Mango blazer and some sexy Dolce Vita boots to keep her warm and stylish. A blend of professional and street style make this outfit perfect for going to the office, a night out or just hanging out on a Saturday!

Skirt: Cameo / Watch: Michele / Rings: Gorjana / Boots: Dolce Vita

Lastly, she chose to accessorize her outfit with an absolutely stunning watch from Michele and some really cool rings from Gorjana.

So don’t let the weather get you down. Take control of your wardrobe choices and let your creativity shine! :)

Model Monday: Cropped Culottes

I was totally mesmerized by these pants! They’re called “culottes” and are totally on trend right now. Pair them with a cropped jacket and some killer boots to give yourself one bad-ass winter fashion vibe.

So start your week off right and really set the tone for Model Monday.

Model: Carla Estevez / Culottes: ASOS / Boots: New Look / Jacket: ASOS

Shoes Sunday: Ankle Boots For Everyday Wear

There are a lot of great things going on with this outfit, but since it’s #ShoesSunday, I’ll skip right to the Lucky Brand Boots! The beautifully textured leather defines this captivating ankle boot that provides a casual yet, sophisticated finish for your street style.

To learn more about them, click on any of the images, or the links below! Also, don’t forget to sign up for our weekly contests. They’re free to join and you could win a $50 visa gift card! Details:

Model: Grace Wainwright / Boots: Lucky Brand

Work It Wednesday: Rompin’ Around Town!

Our weather in Toronto, ON has been very unpredictable. Some days its freezing cold and feels like winter, and other days it’s warm enough to pull off outfits like this! If you’re finding the weather unseasonably warm, try pairing your favourite summer outfit (like this romper) with some winter boots (Like these ones from Crown Vintage) for a smooth transition into Fall.

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Model in the picture: Leah Behr