A Day Of Beauty With Kaitlyn: Cloakroom


“Love what you do and love what you wear” is a quote from my favourite fashion girls and owners of my favourite place to shop in Toronto. Cloakroom, in the Summerhill/Rosedale area, is a beautiful boutique store owned by two beautiful sisters, Meira and Tamara. They have been running the store for 5 years now bringing the latest fashions home from LA, Australia, and the UK. They are probably two of the nicest, warmest, and fashion forward people I have ever met, I know I can trust them to completely style me from head to toe.

Meira and Tamara believe in building a relationship with their customers creating an experience while they shop, which is something we at Spread absolutely LOVE. If you are in the GTA, you absolutely need to stop by this beautiful store and check out their clothes. If not, check them out online and do some fall/winter shopping. I just did and can’t wait to show you my new pieces from Cloakroom!

What’s next? We can’t wait to share with you Meira and Tamara’s Favourite Fall pieces that they styled me in. Brands to look out for: MINKPINK, Glamorous, DEX, and GoodHYouMan. Can’t wait to share them all with you ☺ xoxo



Hats: Lovely Bird


Scarves: Luxe

Twisted Tuesday: Pharrell’s Big Hats

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell’s Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat has become an iconic fashion statement that has landed the singer a temporary exhibit at the Washington Newseum. The hat, currently owned by Arby’s (yes the fast food restaurant chain) was loaned temporarily to the museum in order to show the impact of social media today. Pharrell’s fashion-forward thinking may be twisted, but the message it portrays is something to be idolized – Do what makes you happy!

“Because I’m Happy :)”

Fashion Friday: The Minidress

Teal Minidress

Chunky Style BootsViolin Necklace

Coco Chanel once told us,

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

We couldn’t agree more! With the  flexibility of a romper playsuit, girls can show off their fabulous figures, while remaining classy should a gust of wind come their way! The pleated detailing and subtle ruffles allow the v-neck romper to show off a breezy elegance that summer demands. An elastic waist and layered lining provide support to ensure that girls remain classy and fabulous at all times! The addition of a few accessories will ensure your creative edge complements your summer style.

So with the help of a supportive minidress, don’t be afraid to jump, twist and twirl your way to a classy and fabulous summer.