Fall Inspiration: Amazing Street Style

Street Style Outfit

Click on the image above to learn more about her gorgeous cardigan!

October is a very visual month. The weather is changing, which means the autumn leaves are falling and you get a plethora of green, yellow, red and orange! 🍂 It’s an exciting season for fashion because it’s warm enough to wear loafers, ripped jeans and even the odd tank on a sunny day. However, it’s still cool enough to layer up in a comfy cardi, knee high boots and a fabulous hat.

This particular outfit is perfect for a fall day. A giant cozy cardigan, denim jeans and knee high boots that match an extremely chic Valentino tote. To top it off? A floppy hat that adds just enough juxtaposition from her cardi to focus on her perfect hair. Bonus points if the rope on your hat matches your lipstick! 😘

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Model: The Sweetest Thing / Cardigan: Dreamers by Debut / Bag: Valentino / Hat: BP / Boots (similar): Jessica Simpson

Street Style Outfit

Interested in her Valentino bag? Click on the image above to learn more!

Sexy Saturday: How-To Style An Oversized Poncho

Happy Saturday fashionistas! When I came across this tutorial, I thought it was definitely worth sharing. Some articles of clothing can be awkward and finicky no matter how hard you try to style them – oversized ponchos definitely being one of them.

Well with the help of a tuck, a belt or even a few carefully chosen accessories, you’ll be able to rock your poncho any way you want!

This model’s poncho is a Forever 21 oversized cable-knit sweater, matched with a Prada tote and some gorgeous Jessica Simpson pumps. Casual, sleek, versatile and sexy. A perfect way to start any weekend :).

Like to style your poncho a certain way? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Want to shop the look? Click on any of the images in this post or the links below.

Model: Extra Petite / Poncho: Forever 21 / Tote: Prada / Pumps: Jessica Simpson