Throwback Thursday: Menswear For Women


An amazing concept that is sometimes overlooked by chic, elegant and feminine fashion trends is the ability to transform and repurpose menswear.

The choices women have don’t need to be limited to tight-fitting fabric and flattering cuts. Instead, repurposing mens clothing, or even mens design can have the same, or even a more powerful effect.

A unisex jacket and boots mixed with some modern denim is perfect for giving off that tomboy look.

What do you think ladies? Ready to lace-up those boots and give the boys a run for their money?

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Thania Peck / Hat: rag & bone / Jacket: Acne Studios / Jeans: Acne Studios / Boots: Dr. Martens


Throwback Thursday: Embrace Your Youth


So much about fashion is trying to dress yourself up. We often end up portraying ourselves as someone more sophisticated than the person we truly want to be.

It’s shirts like these that really speak to me as a consumer. The ability to reconcile high fashion with my youthful side is something I’m constantly in struggle with! The experts at W Hotels were able to conceptualize a french terry tee with bat and bagel prints. A smart representation of their hometown of Austin and their business hub of NYC, these guys aren’t afraid to show their roots.

I mean really, who doesn’t love bagels? Interested in learning more about the tee? Check it out on Spread by clicking on the link below.

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Justin Livingston / Shirt: W Hotels


Halloween Ideas: Why So Serious?

While it’s easy to approach Halloween in a sexy way – taking it as an opportunity to show off a little skin, my favourite costumes are always the scary ones.

Fashion blogger, Mike Quyen, showcased his most creative (and I must say – fashionable) costume idea by dressing himself up as The Joker from The Dark Knight. While the make up and the flaming cards scare the crap out of me, Mike strategically chose some fall fashion favourites of ours in an attempt to stay on trend this season.

He’s wearing a House Of Fraser purple Blazer, Topman waistcoat, ASOS tie and C. Damage skinny jeans. Well done sir!

Learn To Dress Like Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, GQ Magazine

The whole world was watching as Yankee’s infamous #2 took his final at bat, hitting a walk-off single to win the game. If you weren’t watching the game on Thursday, it’s okay! Because despite not being a baseball fan, you’re one of millions that praises Jeter for his good looks and style. The future hall-of-famer did a photo shoot for GQ Magazine, wearing a cashmere Prada sweater, Diore Homme jeans, a Tom Ford belt, and a Movado watch.

Although few can hit a baseball like Mr. Jeter, with the help of platforms like spread, you can definitely dress like him! Try searching for any of the above mentioned brands here.

Throwback Thursday: How To Suit Up Like The Great Gatsby


We’ve all faced a certain dilemma. You’ve just hosted the most elaborate, over-the-top and expensive party at your lavish 30 million dollar estate (for the 7th consecutive night), and now you aren’t sure what to wear on your casual, yet sophisticated Sunday adventure racing your sports car across Long Island.


Well that’s okay. We can’t all live like Leonardo DiCaprio in, The Great Gatsby. Fortunately enough, with a careful selection of ivory linen, peak lapels and odd-colour vests, we can certainly dress like him! An American brand, Brooks Brothers, took it upon themselves to fashion a #TBT Great Gatsby Collection – our favourite is available on spread (here) or by clicking the image above/below.


Fashion Friday: Essential Ingredients To Keeping Stylish and Warm This Fall


Leather is always in style. However, overdoing it can be quite easy – especially if you don’t mix the right colours, tones or cuts to accentuate your body type. This Ralph Lauren moto-inspired jacket has a tailored and polished look, while being matched with a similar coloured belt and subtle off-setting tones. Make sure you’re matching your jacket with your belt and shoes, otherwise the only thing you’ll be harnessing is the uncoordinated cowboy look – Yeeehaw!


All hail the power of denim – warm, versatile and when done correctly, extremely stylish. This Levi’s relaxed-fit jacket takes an otherwise classic look and updates it with a grey corduroy style. Don’t be afraid to mix dark and light denim in order to offset colours. Oh, and standing next to a midnight black motorcycle earns you extra style points.

Check out the Ralph Lauren jacket (here) and Levis jacket (here).

Fashion Friday: Embracing Fall With Style


As fall approaches, thin and breezy materials are dreadfully replaced by wool and heavy cotton. Yet, as the seasons change, it offers us a chance to use layering to our stylistic advantage. This Selected Homme overcoat comes in a patterned wool fabric for a lively look. The neatly tailored design will work just as well over a suit in the city as a sweater and chinos during time off.

For more from Selected Homme, visit the spread app and discover more of your favourite fall fashion trends.