Fashion Friday: Neon x Neutrals

IMG_1963 (2)

Happy Friday! If it’s been a long week and if you’re lacking motivation, you can brighten up any outfit by combining everyday neutrals with just a pop of colour.

Neon accessories are a great way to liven up a dull outfit, just make sure you use neon in moderation. You don’t want to walk around town glowing like a stop light. Then again, maybe you do! 😉

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Samantha Brooke / Jeans: Express / Tee: BP / Sandals: BP / Bag: J. Crew (Sold Out)

IMG_1971 (2)

Shoes Sunday: How to Pull Off A Stunning Neon Outfit

Get warmed up to dance the night away in the Wanda. This fierce pointed toe pump by Qupid is made with lime snake texture upper, lace up vamp and 4 inch heel. A zipper in the back creates a no fuss slip on.

And don’t get me started on this dress. WOW. The multitude of colours works well with the funky design. Did anyone tell you to tone down your wardrobe during the fall? Well show up wearing this in order to change their mind.

Click on any of the images to interact with those wonderful shoes and have yourself a great Sunday!

Model: Georgiana Boboc / Shoes: Qupid

Throwback Thursday: Olivia Newton John

Love Culture Headband

Throwback Thursday to the singer, songwriter and actress – Olivia Newton John! If you’re in the mood for high-waisted tights and bright tops, why not accessorize with a Love Culture elastic headband! This is the perfect accompaniment to those acid-wash jeans, neon tops and crazy leg warmers that you love to rock.

So whip out your favourite 80’s soundtrack, dust off your boombox and,

“Let’s get physical!”

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