Work It Wednesday: Spring Layering


Spring can be fickle. Some days it’ll be scolding hot and you’ll be walking around in your flip flops pretending that you’re on vacation. Then there are the other days – rain, wind and what can never feel like enough layers.

Layering doesn’t have to be a chore and for spring, it’s often do-able without even wearing a jacket. I love the pullover sweater/plaid shirt combo that Louise is rocking. Casual, fun and extremely practical. Pair it with some skinnies and an awesome pair of espadrilles and you’re ready for whatever spring throws your way!

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Model: Louise Roe / Sweater: CHRLDR / Plaid Top: Splendid / Pants: Hudson Jeans / Espadrilles: Kurt Geiger / Sunglasses: Celine


Throwback Thursday: From Trendy To Timeless

In the fashion world, it’s always a goal for something to turn from a trend to a staple. You want to wear something thats in style and pray to ‘Lord Almighty’ it stays in style season-after-season.

Well, it seems we’ve found another trend, which relies on combining two classic staples! Lauren combined a plaid shirt and vest from Milk & Honey Boutique in an attempt to create a timeless look that will remain modern and chic.

She’s done some brilliant accessorizing with some Madewell jeans and booties, a Michael Kors slim watch and a beautiful Elaine Turner handbag. A truly perfect mix of style and colour!

If you want to check out any of the products she’s wearing, feel free to shop the look on Spread by clicking on any of the links below. :)

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Model: Lauren Sims / Milk & Honey Boutique: Plaid Shirt & Vest / Madewell: Jeans & Booties / Watch: Michael Kors / Handbag: Elaine Turner

Throwback Thursday: Exploring The Pacific Northwest

Being from the Pacific Northwest myself, I can become very nostalgic for mild weather and mother nature. This particular area is called Lake Cushman and is located just west of Seattle, near the Olympic National Park.

The luscious green forest, high mountains and clear lake are enough to make you want to drop everything and live there! I also love what the couple are both wearing. Durable, stylish and completely on trend for an all day adventure!

Navy Blue Backpack: Herschel

The Vance Creek Bridge is one of the highest railway arch bridges in the United States standing at 347 feet tall. It was used for logging back in the 1930-50s. Not in use today.

Silver Backpack: Herschel

Lake Cushman. Just west of Seattle, WA.

Plaid Shirt: Just Female

A cave that is underwater during the summer months.

Silver Backpack: Herschel

Sexy Saturday: Embrace Plaid

When the weather gets cold, it’s all about plaid. This tartan plaid shirt from Forever 21 is extremely versatile. Wear it tucked into a pair of washed denim, open with a muscle tee underneath or even wear it by itself. Try buying one a size or two big, tie a belt around it and voila, you’ve got a sexy tartan dress to pair with some killer heeled boots.

Electra Formosa from Get The Look is pulling this outfit off to absolute perfection. Plaid mixed with bold solid colours/tones is the way to go. So throw on some oversize tartan plaid and have yourself a Sexy Saturday!

Model: Electra Formosa / Shirt: Forever 21

Model Monday: Happy Thanksgiving and Columbus Day!


To all of our Canadian readers, happy thanksgiving! To all of our American readers, happy Columbus Day! To everyone else, happy monday!

By now you’re either stuffed full of turkey, getting prepared to be stuffed full of turkey, or wishing you were stuffing yourself full of turkey. What better way to celebrate a holiday of thanks and remembrance than by being outside with family and loved ones. Go for a drive, walk, or hike and visit the nearest pumpkin patch – you’ll be shocked at our big some can get!

For a day filled with fun activities, wear something warm and comfortable like this fashionista, Stephanie Sterjovski. A plaid shirt, a warm vest and some durable boots are all you need to conquer this holiday! Best of all, you can find her entire outfit on spread :).

Plaid Shirt: Madewell / Vest: J Crew / Boots: Hunter Boots