DIY: A Brush Stroke Scarf In 3 Easy Steps

Spread - DIY: Brush Stroke Scarf

What you’ll need:

  • White/blank light cotton scarf
  • Fabric paint (in any colour you like – the more colours the better!)
  • A wide, flat paintbrush
  • An iron (if your paint requires heat setting)

Spread - DIY: Brush Stroke Scarf

Step 1: Wash your scarf

Give your scarf a good wash (without fabric softener) and iron it before you start painting. If you’re impatient, I know how you feel! But this is important as it’ll get rid of excess chemicals in your cloth and will help your paint to stick properly.

Spread - DIY: Brush Stroke Scarf

Step 2: Get painting!

Place some plastic sheets beneath your scarf to protect the surface from any paint that might seep through. Then get painting! Using a wide, flat paintbrush start brushing short strokes of paint over the length of the scarf, all going in the same direction. Try not to overload your brush with paint, otherwise you’ll end up with spots and blobs rather than the brush strokes we’re after.

Spread - DIY: Brush Stroke Scarf

Step 3: Let it dry

Leave your scarf lying nice and flat to dry (this may take up to 24 hours) and if your paint requires it, iron your scarf on the reverse side to heat set your pattern.

Spread - DIY: Brush Stroke Scarf


There you have it, an easy 3 step tutorial that’ll help you create your own unique scarf, without breaking the bank! If you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line below! Happy Monday 😊

Spread - DIY: Brush Stroke Scarf

Tutorial Inspiration: Inspired By This

5 Scarves You Need To Own This Fall

1. Southwestern-inspired print scarf by BP

Scarf: BP

BP Scarf

2. 100% Acrylic checked shawl by Zara

Scarf: Zara

Zara Scarf

3. Polyester non-stretchable plaid scarf by Moda Wardrobe

Scarf: Moda Wardrobe

Moda Wardrobe Scarf

4. Soft fringe plaid scarf by BP

Scarf: BP

BP Scarf

5. Okay, this last one isn’t exactly a scarf, but common! A beautiful checked cape by Boohoo that can be thrown over anything. An absolute staple this fall.

Cape: Boohoo

Boohoo Cape

What did you guys think of our fall staples? Are we missing any fabulous scarves? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And you can shop any of these scarves on Spread by clicking on the images! :)

Cozy Street Style


The weather’s been changing quite quickly, which means I’ve needed to progressively add layers each and every time I go out. On relatively warmer days, you can get away with rocking this outfit without tights, but warm socks and knee-high boots are a must. Layering is one of my favourite things to do with outfits because its easy to experiment with different colours and tones. Choosing different variations of grey can make a profound statement, just as much as wearing an extreme pop of colour.

So have some fun! And if you want to learn more about any of these beautiful fall products, just click on the links below! 😘

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Gina Ybarra / H&M: Sweater, Socks, Scarf / Berlin & Son: Watch

image3 (1)


A Day Of Beauty With Kaitlyn: Cloakroom


“Love what you do and love what you wear” is a quote from my favourite fashion girls and owners of my favourite place to shop in Toronto. Cloakroom, in the Summerhill/Rosedale area, is a beautiful boutique store owned by two beautiful sisters, Meira and Tamara. They have been running the store for 5 years now bringing the latest fashions home from LA, Australia, and the UK. They are probably two of the nicest, warmest, and fashion forward people I have ever met, I know I can trust them to completely style me from head to toe.

Meira and Tamara believe in building a relationship with their customers creating an experience while they shop, which is something we at Spread absolutely LOVE. If you are in the GTA, you absolutely need to stop by this beautiful store and check out their clothes. If not, check them out online and do some fall/winter shopping. I just did and can’t wait to show you my new pieces from Cloakroom!

What’s next? We can’t wait to share with you Meira and Tamara’s Favourite Fall pieces that they styled me in. Brands to look out for: MINKPINK, Glamorous, DEX, and GoodHYouMan. Can’t wait to share them all with you ☺ xoxo



Hats: Lovely Bird


Scarves: Luxe

Fashion Friday: Bikini Top Scarf


I came across this cool bikini the other day, only to realize that it was actually a scarf! There are a number of DIY ways to repurpose scarves and shawls to cover your body. Weather you’re looking to create your own bikini, skirt, dress or halter top, scarves can be draped and strategically tied to meet your needs!

Check out this cool tutorial on the different ways to wear your scarf:

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Peony Lim / Scarf: Cleo Ferin Mercury


Fashion Friday: Black Faux Leather + Street Style

Pulling off successful street style during the winter can be tough because a lot of clothing tends to be bulky. I loved this outfit because Alyssa was able to pull off a trendy look, without it looking like she was wearing 10+ layers!

The key to her success lies in her thermal layering. She rocked a coat, sweater, long sleeve and tank top, all of which were thin. She topped it off with a gorgeous cashmere scarf from Lanvin and Voila, she was ready to hit the streets of NYC for an all day adventure.

Her faux leather coat is by Dawn Levy. The asymmetrical styling and the contrast between faux leather and cashmere make this a warm and on trend piece for winter. Her bag is a hybrid hobo/satchel by Marc Jacobs, and is big enough to hold anything you need througout the day.

Lastly, her booties are from Steve Madden. Leather, durable and a block heel to complete the stylish look.

All of these products can be shopped on Spread by clicking on the links below! Have yourself a Fashionable Friday and a great weekend :).

Model: Alyssa Lenore / Coat: Dawn Levy / Satchel: Marc Jacobs / Scarf: Lanvin / Booties: Steve Madden

Model Monday: Rock A Layered Street Style This Winter

On a cold snowy Monday it only seems fitting to be talking about layers. For a lot of people, winter is all about staying warm – no matter what the repercussions are on your personal style. However, winter offers a vast amount of choice in what you wear and how you wear it.

The Scarf

This oversized scarf can be used as a shawl and is your best friend during the chilly winter months. Wrap it around your neck, shoulders or entire body for that matter – which ever way works best for you.

The Bag

This oversized faux leather bag is perfect for getaways, long commutes and pretty much everything in between. Load it up with access layers or jump in it and hide when the snowstorms start!

The Shoes

Sleek and simple. These menswear-inspired faux patent oxfords feature a lace up top and pointed toe. Warm, stylish and perfect for the everyday.

Every person, model or not, layers up during the winter and there’s no need to sacrifice warmth for style. Love it? Want it? Got to have it? Explore this Forever 21 outfit on spread by clicking on the links below and have yourself a fantastic week -#ModelMonday.

Model: Amy Jackson / Scarf: Forever 21 / Bag: Forever 21 / Shoes: Forever 21