5 Scarves You Need To Own This Fall

1. Southwestern-inspired print scarf by BP

Scarf: BP

BP Scarf

2. 100% Acrylic checked shawl by Zara

Scarf: Zara

Zara Scarf

3. Polyester non-stretchable plaid scarf by Moda Wardrobe

Scarf: Moda Wardrobe

Moda Wardrobe Scarf

4. Soft fringe plaid scarf by BP

Scarf: BP

BP Scarf

5. Okay, this last one isn’t exactly a scarf, but common! A beautiful checked cape by Boohoo that can be thrown over anything. An absolute staple this fall.

Cape: Boohoo

Boohoo Cape

What did you guys think of our fall staples? Are we missing any fabulous scarves? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And you can shop any of these scarves on Spread by clicking on the images! :)

Throwback Thursday: Tartan


While a lot of parts of Canada cough (The West Coast) have been experiencing record heat waves, us East Coasters have been dealing with sporadic weather. Some days it’ll be toasty (followed by clouds and eventually thunder storms) and other days it will be downright chilly!

This #TBT post is dedicated to our relentless patience – To remind the weather gods what we’ve had to deal with this winter!

Winter of 2015 was largely based around simple toned jackets and colourful scarves. I particularly like this tartan print one!

What do you guys think? Is it finally time to get those bikini bods going?

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Mikel Rumsey / Scarf (similar): ASOS / Jacket: J. Crew / Boots (similar): Summit /


Fashion Friday: How To Pick The Right Scarf For Fall

For a lot of us, picking the “right” scarf boils down to picking whatever is going to keep us the warmest. Yet, with ASOS, Express, H&M and countless other fashion brands developing warm, oversized and blanket style scarves, we’re beginning to see new and exciting choices in the world of scarves!

If you’re going for a casual stroll and are rocking more of a sporty vibe, choose a light scarf that’s not going to weight down your whole outfit. When matching colours, get creative! The beauty about scarves is they can be as plain or creative as you’d like. This model is wearing a blanket scarf from Express:

Going for something more formal and everyday? Try wearing this ASOS oversized scarf. It’s soft knit, checked print and 100% acrylic design will keep the cold off your skin. And they really didn’t oversell the “oversized” feature. This bad boy can unravel to the size of a blanket or poncho.

Point to take away

There are tons of designs, colours, and styles when it comes to scarves. Pick something that is off-coloured from your top or jacket, but is accentuated by either your pants, shoes or handbag. Mixing and matching colours, tones and fabrics throughout an outfit creates a sense of unity that will really make you stand out.